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If anyone would like to use my stock pics for their artistic creations here on DA you are most welcome to and I would be thrilled! Just a couple things please...

***Send a note or comment if you use my stock.

***I want to see EVERYTHING you make with it!!!

***PLEASE CREDIT me if you use something.

***NOTHING sexually explicit. NO putting my face on nudes!

I receive a lot of messages asking to use my photos for book covers and cds.

Typically for offsite use we charge $50-$75 for cds/ebooks and more for hard covers/magazine covers etc.

Please contact with details and we can discuss.  :)

~~~~~ THAT'S ALL  :)  ~~~~~
Hi Everyone!

I am new to the site and very glad to be here.
There is so much talent here, it is overwhelming.

I am a 24 year old accountant who is going crazy in her cubicle everyday and is looking for a more artistic outlet.

I am a part time model which helps me to be creative and eccentric....but I need MORE   ;P

Animals are my passion and I have A LOT of them.
You will see many photos of my babies on here, and I would love for you to help me create some amazing images that I can hang on my walls at home.

Look forward to meeting all of you.